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Carpe Corpus

Carpe Corpus - Rachel Caine Claire and co. are thrown through the wringer - again - in Carpe Corpus. This is Morganville as we have never seen it before - everything that was once only very dangerous becomes terrifyingly so. It seems even worse for poor Claire, as her parents decide that this book will be the perfect opportunity for them to visit their daughter! I loved seeing Claire deal with her parents on top of all the chaos - which makes me sound rather sadistic... hmm.

Carpe Corpus is probably the darkest of the Morganville books so far. There were a lot of game-changing events that will have long reaching consequences for both humans an vampires. It was also the first book where the group dynamics have not been solid. Because of the events in Lord of Misrule, Claire is all on her own at the start of the book - and this time it is not simply The Glass House vs. The World.

Bottom line? Yet again, you NEED to read this series. It is an action packed roller coaster ride of pure genius. Not to mention it is one of the few YA books out there totally dominated by the romance!