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The Reckoning

The Reckoning  - Kelley Armstrong It is so damn hard to write reviews for books you love, so I apologise in advance for the incoherence!

Where to start? Well, Armstrong successfully managed to include plot twists and turns I was completely unprepared for. Considering I had had a year to think it over, I thought I had a pretty good idea how this book would go. I was so wrong! The action was violent, sudden, and unexpectedly terrifying - and intensely emotional. Chloe and Derek had to do some things they really weren't ready for, and it pained me to read what Armstrong put them through.

Only that angst? Made it the book all the better.

We also got a great look at Tori's character. She was such a villian in the first book in the series, but The Reckoning has really made me like her. Apparently she can be just as good a friend as she can be an enemy (not that she'd ever admit to liking any of these losers!) Armstrong includes some very subtle hints at what lies beneath her bitchy exterior - Tori engrossed in The Count of Monte Cristo was one I was not expecting. I would love to read more about her in Armstrong's next YA books!

I am not going to comment too much about the romantic triangle in this book - other than to say it plays a much bigger role and is dealt with extremely well. If you hadn't picked up these books because of their lack of romance, well, you should have. Read all three at once, and you won't be lacking for a thing.

And how about the ending? Well, The Reckoning really does feel like the end of a trilogy - but not the end of a series. There are still plenty of questions left to explore, and plenty of characters you will want to hear more from. I was left totally satisfied, but also ludicrously excited about Armstrong's next trilogy!

Bottom line? The Reckoning is the best book in an amazing trilogy and I would give it ten stars if I could!