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Magic Under Glass

Magic Under Glass - Jaclyn Dolamore I was really disappointed with Magic Under Glass. It had been on my wishlist for so long, and when I got a copy I was really eager to dive in.

There was just so much I wanted to love - an interesting, fantastical world filled with magic, faeries and complex social divisions. Unfortunately, there is nothing here that is all that special. The universe is basically Regency England with faery foreigners and a bit of magic thrown in for the hell of it.

And the characters? Extremely one-dimensional. Leading lady Nimira felt more like a plot tool than an actual character - moving from scene to scene for the sake of it. Her love interest, Erris, was as mechanical as his automaton exterior - and needless to say their "tragic" love felt forced and unrealistic.

Magic Under Glass was supposed to be a lovely wholewheat-brown-bread guaranteed good read. But it was the literary equivalent of white bread. Very disappointing.

Bottom line? Magic Under Glass is an old-school faery tale - lots of plot, no character. I didn't think it was a bad book, it was a bland book.