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Firespell - Chloe Neill WOW!

I picked up Firespell for the Debut YA Author Challenge - and boy am I glad I did! I had heard of Chloe Neill's Adult Series, but nothing about them seemed to pique my interest. So I thought I'd test out her YA debut before I dove into the Chicagoland books.

Unlike a lot of YA out there right now, Firespell is based more around Lily and her new universe - rather than around her relationship with a boy. Although there is certainly a love interest (and I think I am right in foreseeing a future love triangle), her relationships with her BFF Scout and her absent parents take center stage.

Although I loved the universe and whatnot, what stole the show for me was Lily. She is insanely awesome - a sarcastic, sensitive, vegetarian, fashionista. If people call her a weirdo, she'll just role her eyes and make some fabulously insightful comment. And her banter with Scout made me laugh out loud countless times!

Scout was another great character - a punky, funny, wanna-be-politician. She talks tough but is an amazing softie. Lily and Scout make the perfect duo.

But gosh, there are so many mysteries left by the end of the book. And although we get a nicely wrapped up ending - no cliffhangers here - there are still so many things I want to know! I cannot wait for the next book... and the book after that.... and the book after that...

Bottom line? This book is a must for all readers! Especially if you liked Rachel Caine's Morganville Vampires Series! (BTW, anyone who compares it to the HoN series is out of their mind - completely different!)