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Magic Study

Magic Study - Maria V. Snyder I absolutely adored Magic Study - this series is definite must!

We are introduced to the diverse, magical world of Sitia - and God is it an amazing place! I am not usually a verse-lover, but Snyder has a way of changing my mind. She also manages to incorporate a few subtle messages about poverty in a capitalist society - there's no preaching, but she does use the fantasy world to make a point or two about our own society. It's old school and totally made me smile.

Snyder manages to introduce a variety of different cultures and locations without bogging the book down with information. Same goes for the characters - although there were a lot of new faces, it was never overwhelming.

Luckily, Valek did manage to make his way into the book. I'd been worried about him, and although he is not as central to the plot as he was in Poison Study, he was equally as amazing. Seriously, this man gives me tingles. *sighs* As for Yelena, she now officially joins Mercy (from the Patricia Briggs Series) as a female lead whose judgement I actually trust. And that I like her is a lovely bonus.

Bottom line? The Study Series is a must read! The quality has been consistant as the series goes on - which is a rare gift nowadays. I'd recommend this to everyone I know - romance readers, literary fiction readers, mystery lovers, fantasy addicts... anyone and everyone!