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Succubus Blues

Succubus Blues  - Richelle Mead Before I started Succubus Blues I had thought the following had to be true:
- Books with a sex-demon lead would never turn out to be about love.
- A succubus could never be funny hysterical.
- I could never relate to a character that deals with sex casually.

Needless to say, Richelle Mead proved me wrong. Succubus Blues is nothing like the book I thought it would be. It's hysterical and heart-breaking, filled with a thousand shades of ethical grey, and stars one of the most complex heroines I've ever read. Georgina is far from perfect - she can be superficial and self-serving. But she has so much potential for growth. Even after 400+ years on the planet, she still has a lot to learn.

Mead has also created one of my favourite love-interests ever in Seth. He's your average best-selling novelist: introverted, smart, and extremely wity on paper. I never expected to fall so quickly for this beta-hero, but everything about him had me clutching my heart. The secondary characters in this book are stellar - complex characters who stride a blurred line between good and evil. Every single one of them I wanted to read more about - especially the angel Carter and his demon!BFF Jerome.

Demon BFF? I told you, seriously blurred lines.

Alas, this book didn't get a higher rating from me because of one very unfortunate character *cough* Roman *cough* who I just couldn't like - no matter how suave. And Georgina liking him made me want to shake her (and the book) in despair.

Bottom line? Succubus Blues is brilliant. Sitting firmly on the line between PNR and UF - it had me laughing, crying and occasionally disturbed by the paranormal evil. Everything you could want in a book!