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The Summer of Shambles

The Summer of Shambles - Ebony McKenna Ondine was absolutely adorable!

This was my first middle-grade novel for a while and I couldn't help but love it! It was over-the-top, magical fun that put a smile on my face whenever I picked it up. McKenna writes with confidence and skill - two things not usually associated with debut novelists. Instead of opting for your typical show-then-explain narrative, McKenna include footnotes with quirky explanations about the language and the country. They were just brilliant! Short enough not to detract from the story, and usually pretty hysterical!

Although I can't say the characters were overly complex, they were still very enjoyable. Quirky and well-meaning, they all made me smile. Especially the Scottish-rogue-turned-ferret Shambles!

Ok, that sentence? Perfect example of why Ondine was awesome.

Bottom line? Ebony McKenna has written a sweet, funny middle-grade novel which I couldn't help but be swept up by. A wonderful debut!