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Moonlight (Dark Guardian, Book 1)

Moonlight (Dark Guardian, Book 1) - Rachel Hawthorne There was just something... wrong with this book. There was nothing particularly bad about the writing, or even the plot - but there was just something about it that made it a rather uneventful read. But what exactly?

When I finished it - which took a while despite being a ludicrously easy read - I finally worked out what it was: it was a Middle Grade novel with a Young Adult plot.

The writing was just slightly too simple, the cover-ups too obvious, and the emotions underdeveloped. While this is understandable when your narrator is 12 - it is harder when she is a teen. And when the plot involves werewolves and undying love, there is a certain amount of maturity that you expect from the writing and the characters.

Bottom line? Skip it - even if you are a die-hard YA Romance lover. I don't plan on getting the next books - life is too short to read books you a apathetic about.