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The Edge of Nowhere

The Edge of Nowhere - Elizabeth George I’ve been putting off this review for months. Why? Because there really aren’t too many ways to say “boring as hell”.

Honest to God, I have no idea how I managed to finish this book. Maybe it was in the desperate hope that, in the end, the ”mystery” would have some sort of interesting conclusion? This was obviously delusional on my part, because there was barely a mystery.

Let me see if I can explain:
- girl with psychic powers arrives on an island.
- girl ignores the only real mystery in the book: the disappearance of her mother.
- girl falls in insta-love with The Perfect Guy™.
- The Perfect Guy™ is injured Tragically and Mysteriously™.
- girl kinda, sorta investigates!
- turns out The Perfect Guy™ just fell over.
- The Perfect Guy™ is fine!
- mother is still missing…. oh well.

That plot? Elizabeth George draws it out over 448 very long pages. Do you see what I mean about the lack of mystery? The lack of tension? Elizabeth George is not a bad writer, she's just not writing about anything worth writing about.

I really, really, really have trouble understanding how a novelist as celebrated in the crime genre as Ms. George can have written this book. Although I have not read her other works, I can only assume that a seasoned crime fiction writers knows that a murder mystery needs a murder and a mystery in order to qualify.


Bottom line? The Edge of Nowhere is dull, tedious and disappointing. Elizabeth George can write, but she can't deliver a plot... or come up with one, for that matter. Maybe her adult books are better? I have no idea.