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Lord of Misrule

Lord of Misrule - Rachel Caine Lord of Misrule turns the entire Morganville series on its head - if you ever have to skip a book, make sure it isn't this one! The relative comfort our characters used to live in has gone, and has been replaced with a war in the trenches. Any action that I might have felt was missing in Feast of Fools is made up for in Lord of Misrule - I gave up counting the life-or-death situations by page 30.

The action turns the entire town on its head, and the change brings out the hardness in all the characters - including Claire. I'd call some of her actions fierce, but I'd just be paraphrasing Eve (honestly, they are that fierce). I'd say Shane gets the biggest shake-up, character-wise. He had a lot of explaining to do in this book and, unsurprisingly, talking it out really helped with his new enlightenment.

Make sure you have a copy of Carpe Corpus on hand, because Lord of Misrule has the most jaw-dropping cliffhanger yet. And given Caine's usual modus operandi, that is saying something!

Bottom Line? You NEED to read this series!