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The Demon King and I

The Demon King and I - Candace Havens I probably wouldn't have bought this for myself - the thought of chick-lit PNR kinda squicked me, to be honest. Havens has since turned me around on the entire sub-genre, but more on that later! The Demon King and I turned out to be a really fun romp with an addictive plot!

While the writing is only so-so, Havens created some amazingly lovable characters. Sure they are slightly vapid and superficial - but there is real love in all of them. Despite being such a short novel, she fabulously creates a unique universe, a complex hero, and a kick-ass heroine. Heroines can be tough to love, expecially when they are as tough as Gillian. Smart Bitches Trashy Books claimed that you typically aren't reading a romance if the heroine is self-assured, sexually-satisfied, and content in her singledom. Well, Havens made Gillian all of theose things and still wrote a kick-ass PNR!

Bottom line? This is a super-fun book that I would highly recommend if you are looking for something light, fluffy and paranormal!