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A Kiss of Shadows

A Kiss of Shadows - Laurell K. Hamilton What a friggin bizarre book. While, on one level, I really enjoyed it, on another, it seriously freaked me out. The monsters, the sex with the monsters, and the sex with, er, everyone - for some reason - was completely natural. Even though I much preferred LKH's non-sexy original Anita Blake books, she also manages to pull off this kinky new world. She goes from kinky sex to kinky plot rather naturally, and actually makes it rather enjoyable.

While I am interested in seeing where the series goes, I am afraid of having to sit through 5 more books without a resolution. Because given how the book ended, I have a feeling LKH might just spend the rest of the series writing sex. And while the polygamy does not bother me - it kinda works for Merry - what does it the thought that she may never choose who she really wants. I am ok with sleeping around, especially considering she is given orders to, when you have no particular favourite. However, I wish we were given a hint as to which one of them she would end up with. Unlikely, considering LKH probably wants her to end up with all of them, but I still feel like the series should end with a choice... and it won't.