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Untamed - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast A word of WARNING: Although I do read the HoN books – I don’t actually think I could recommend them. They are filled with immature characters who aren’t all that bright and are my definition of the anti-role model. For some reason, I read them despite the fact I occasionally want to set them on fire.

Untamed is a huge improvement from the car-wreck that was Chosen. For once, Zoey starts out with zero boyfriends - and zero friends, for that matter. A lot of the book is spent with Zoey trying to make amends - not sure whether or not she succeeds, to be honest - and introducing the new Big Bad.

On that front, Big!Bad!Kalona gets an intresting introduction in Untamed - but he will unfortunately become a real pain in the later books. One thing I did like was the character Stark - who has definitely become my front runner on the future-boyfriends-of-Zoey front. He's an archer that can never miss, and he's the only character in the book with a dog. *hugs* Aphrodite is as enjoyable as always - uber-bitch with a secret good streak - and gosh, don't I wish the latter HoN books were in her POV...

Bottom line? Big improvement from Chosen, Untamed was really quite enjoyable. If you've made it this far, it's a must.