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Tempted - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast Tempted was terrible.

Okay, so I don't usually expect all that much from the HoN series. As a general rule, I find the writing pretty terrible, the characters kinda one-dimensional, and some of the plot ideas seemingly written by somebody high on E. So why do I keep reading? Well, I like the universe and - prior to this book - I used to like some of the characters. Now I'm down to the universe.

Tempted was just all over the place. We hear from 4 POVs, an unfortunate first for the series. The Casts jump back and forth from character to character with no discernible pattern. For example, we get a single chapter from Aphrodite (which was probably the best in the book) about half way through, and then... nothing. That's it! Just the one chapter.


The Casts also successfully destroyed two of the characters I liked: Stark and Stevie Ray. I hate it when characters lose their character because of some insane plot point. If you have to make a character do a complete 180 to move the story along, try something else! *shakes fist*

I'll be reading on the next book - which comes out tomorrow in the USA. But I'm definitely going to wait for the paperback.

Bottom line? Do the world a favour, and don't let a teenager within a 100 feet of this book. The last thing we need is for actual teens to be more like HoN!teens.