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Fade Out

Fade Out  - Rachel Caine I had been saving Fade Out because it was my last MV book until Kiss of Death comes out - I finally cracked and read it in a single go! Best 4 hours I've had in quite a while!

The book picks up a few months after the chaos of Carpe Corpus - and Morganville is living in relative peace. In fact, this book has less action than is typical for a Morganville book - which is still an awful lot! Caine's books always pack a punch, and Fade Out is no exception.

A new girl throws all the group dynamics off balance, and it was great to watch how the characters dealt with a less violent disruption to their status quo. Especially Shane and Claire (bless them - I love these two) who are both desperately trying to be grown ups for each other - and not always succeeding. We also got some amazing insight into Myrinn, his relationship with Ada, and the mostly!platonic love between him and Claire. The Myrinn/Claire dynamic is probably my favourite in the series, and Caine really pushes it to its limits. We get a much clearer picture about how Myrinn feels about Claire - and up to what point Claire will have his back. I'll stop there, because I don't want to give anything away. Let's just say that I love their interaction, and there is plenty of it in Fade Out!

Bottom line? Yet another amazing installation in the Morganville Series. A definite must!