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The Tin Star

The Tin Star - J.L. Langley DNF - I can put up with biologically impossible sex, incorrect STD info, and insanely stereotypical gay men. But The Tin Star was just all kinds of wrong.

One of my main issues was with the basic premise - gay guy comes out to his entire hick town and then is OMG!shocked! when so many people turn out to be homophobic. Crazy, I know. Maybe some other writer could have pulled this off, but Langley just made all the homophobes 1D devils. I get it: homophobia = bad. But people who are homophobic don't just suddenly change their personality because a gay man turns up. I know this is a rather shocking concept, but it is possible that there are one or two people out there who think being gay is a sin, but don't want to kill every gay man they meet. Convert them, sure - but not chase them down the street with a knife.

And then there were the romantic heroes - bleh. *rolls eyes* How to describe them? Well one was a big, strong, saviour cowboy, and the other, his meek, animal-loving, boyfriend. Seriously, don't even bother with names, I think I have told the whole story right there.