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Boy Meets Boy

Boy Meets Boy - David Levithan This was a lovely book. Short, sweet and, well, lovely.

When I bought Boy Meets Boy I was somewhat skeptical. I wasn’t sure I would enjoy a book where the world was happy! with sunshine!and flowers! But, luckily, Levithan must have had the same thought. Because although Paul’s high school is a gay kid’s dream come true – the rest of the world in the book is certainly not like that. What Paul considers “normal” is a luxury to everyone else – including his new boyfriend Noah. I think this scene between Noah and Paul kinda sums it up:

“Have you always known?” he asks. I know immediately what he’s talking about.
“Pretty much so, yeah,” I answer. “You?”
He nods, […].
“Has it been easy for you?”
“Yes,” I tell him, because it’s the truth.
“It hasn’t always been easy for me,” he says, then says no more.
- Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan, pg. 49

So while watching Paul come to the realisation that dude, did he ever luck out – there is also plenty of drama without all that pesky coming-out business. Guys can be idiots, even when they are dating other guys. And just because you don’t have to worry about getting bashed doesn’t mean you can’t royally screw up. Which Paul does. Very successfully.

I was also very impressed by Levithan’s writing style. This is a short novel, filled with a rich and diverse cast of characters – Levithan made each of them shine bright. Not to mention his writing style is elegant as hell and some of his ideas are out of another world. The book opens with the boys dancing on a night out – in a bookstore. Honestly, how brilliant is that?

Bottom line? This is a lovely, elegant tale. Short and sweet, I was loath to put it down.