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Blood Soup

Blood Soup - Kelly A. Harmon Blood Soup is an absorbing novella of sinister high fantasy.

Writing a good novella is no easy task. Authors have to establish characters, location and develop a plot in a very short peroid of time - and to top it all off, they have to make you care. It's no easy feat! Honestly, some authors just can't pull it off. But Kelly Harmon? She can.

Blood Soup starts out bloody and brutal - pretty much framing the tone of the morbidly magical kingdom. I loved the setting, plot and the social commentary. I was also seriously impressed by Harmon's ability to create full 3D characters in the span of only a few sentences. Blood Soup spans decades and half a dozen POVs, but didn't feel rushed. All the joy of a full-length novel in under an hour.

I only wish Blood Soup had been written as a full-length novel! A few of the characters - Fabrizia in particular - I would have loved to have read more about. I will certainly get my hands on whatever work Harmon comes out with next.