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Seven Sorcerers

Seven Sorcerers - Caro King I loved this book. Truly, madly, deeply loved this book.

Seven Sorcerers is that first real Middle-Grade novel I have read since, well, I was in middle grade. And I am so glad I got such an amazing reintroduction to the MG section of the bookstore! Seven Sorcerers is filled with rollicking adventure, humorous villains, entertaining sidekicks and some epic I'm-doing-this-out-of-love sacrifice. It kept me entertained for hours - and I was genuinely sad when it ended.

Seven Sorcerers takes a new spin on the magical and mystical. There are bogeymen and vampires, and all sorts of other nasties. Our little heroine, Nim, is spunky and full of character - even as her entire life is stolen from her, she still plucks up the courage to try to do something about it. OK, maybe she's not your average 12-year-old, but with King? I totally bought it.

When I think about Seven Sorcerers, the only comparison I can come up with is Harry Potter. Now, I am a big HP fan - so a book has to be pretty damn brilliant for me to compare it to JK Rowling's works! But both King and Rowling write first-and-foremost about a universe, and then the characters inside it. And like Rowling, I get the feeling that King knows every last inch of her verse.

I can't wait to get started on the sequel Shadow Spell! Also, I wanted to give a shout-out to the artist for the novel. There are some gorgeous illustrations at the start of the book that really set the tone of the novel. Beautiful work!

Bottom line? This MG book is one for all ages. If you are looking for an adventurous novel you can't put down, look no further!