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Ill Wind

Ill Wind - Rachel Caine I am a hardcore, unapologetic Rachel Caine fan. Her Morganville series? Pretty much the most addictive YA series ever written. In short, Rachel Caine = Awesome.

Ill Wind proved to me that Caine's awesomeness does indeed translate over into adult fiction. It has plenty of action, fast cars, biblical storms and some brilliantly 3D characters. Although not as addictive as her Morganville series, I have high hopes for the rest of the Weather Warden books.

Jo is feisty as hell and has no less than three guys after her heart. She drives a mustang and can start a hurricane - she's on the lam, but she ain't no sheep.

One of the things I love about Rachel Caine is her ability to write smart characters who still make plenty of mistakes. Jo is smart - she has to be. Because, unlike other superpowers, being a weather warden is not just about having the talent - you have to learn how to use it. And what does that mean? Well, it means an awful lot of atmospheric physics! *swoons*

Despite Jo's obvious book smarts, she is still fallible. She makes mistakes and misjudges people - she's only human! Unlike a lot of authors, who have the token genius who never makes a mistake, Caine writes realistic smart people. Just because a character has an IQ of 150 doesn't mean they have to be boringly predictable - Caine lets her smarties get into trouble.

And go to the beach.

Bottom line? Ill Wind has it all: action, mystery, romance and rain. Pick it up if you are looking for some UF without all the traditional baddies.